Same day bookings available?

Yes, just give us a call any day and we'll let you know if weather is suitable. The picnic is not always available on the same day, it's better to reach us at least one day prior.

What's weather suitable for flying?

No fog. West wind at speed between 10 to 20 mph.

What should I bring?

Clothes for cold weather and confortable shoe wear. Hiking or sporting shoes. No heels, sandals or open toe.

How do I get there?

Find us on Maps as High Wind Paragliding. Parking available.

Do I need to pay beforehand?

No, just let us know you are coming. You pay after you've flown.

How long is the flight?

As much as you want. We fly until you are ready to land but distance and altitude varies with wind speed and direction.

Aerobatics included?

Yes, if you want! Just ask your pilot and enjoy the rush.

Can I give this as a gift?

Yes, text or call and we'll explain the process.

Is it safe?

When done by professionals. Simply follow all pilot instructions.

Is there a weight limit?

No, however you do need to be healthy enough to take a few quick steps and have no heart conditions. Also wind must be suitable for your weight.

Is there an age restriction?

Children at least 5 years old. No upper limit.

How long will it take me to learn?

It depends on your dedication and skill. Usually the basic course will take seven days practicing and learning theory three hours per day. After that intermediate level is around 100 flight hours.